Home drinkers 'over-pour spirits'

Nothing to do with healthcare technology. It is seasonal and as Homer would say Duh!!

Most men pur larger measeures than women
Most men pour larger measures than women

Most people who drink spirits at home pour well over what they would get in a pub when trying to give a single measure, figures suggest.
The government’s Know Your Limits Campaign found that among 600 people tested, the average amount poured was 38ml, compared with a standard 25ml.
Those aged 31 to 50 – the most generous pourers – gave an average of 57ml.
For a person thinking they were drinking 7.5 units a week, the extra measures would equate to 17 units.
It could also mean that people wrongly think they are drinking within the NHS recommended limits of two to three units a day for women and three to four units a day for men.
The alcohol industry has been offering free measuring cups with certain mixer drinks this Christmas.

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