New I.T. system for NHS in England to be scaled back

Troubled £12bn NHS IT system to be scaled back

NHS computer

The NHS computer system has been hit by delays and cost over-runs

The government is to scale back its £12bn NHS IT system in what the Tories are calling a “massive U-turn”.

Chancellor Alistair Darling said he would be delaying parts of the scheme in Wednesday’s pre-Budget Report as it was “not essential to the front line”.

The move may save hundreds of millions but Mr Darling admitted it was only a fraction of total spending cuts needed.

The Tories and Lib Dems have been calling for the IT system, which has been hit by costly delays, to be axed.

Mr Darling told BBC One’s Andrew Marr show he was determined to halve Britain’s budget deficit over the next four years and as a result public spending would be “a lot tighter than it was in the past”.

He stressed that the pre-Budget report was not a spending review, but added: “I do think it is necessary for me to indicate areas where we are going to cut spending or where we’re not going to spend as much as we were.

To read more about the NHS IT System report

Gordon Brown mentions healthcare technology in speech

“Ahead of Wednesday’s pre-Budget report, the PM said “efficiency savings” would help to save £12bn over four years – £3bn more than planned in the Budget.”

“This culture of excess must change and will change.”

He added that the government would use technological advances to make services more user-friendly and cheaper.

As an example, sending text messages to remind patients about GP appointments could help save up to £600m a year wasted on missed visits.

Read this report noticing the part healthcare technology can play here

Two companies offering solutions for this are Felltech and their Outbox SMS and iPlato with their GP messaging service

The technology is there and ready it is just down to the NHS to implement it.

MedApps Win at Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit

Judging at the Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit was tough as there were many great applications and solutions.

In the end there had to be a winner and on the day MedApps won out

[mc src=”” type=”youtube”]MedApps “20% technology and 80% psychology”[/mc]

Kent Dicks from MedApps collecting his award
Kent Dicks from MedApps collecting his award

Second Prize went to Patients Know Best with the website that allows a patient to manage their health care by working with their clinical team.

Patient Knows Best
Patient Knows Best - Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli gets second place

A special mention was made for Sinseprod who are doing great work in Africa utilising mobile phones to deliver healthcare in remote and rural areas.

Dr Adesina Iluyemi of Sinseprod with the judges
Dr Adesina Iluyemi of Sinseprod with the judges

MedAps Website – Mobile Wireless Health Monitoring

Patient Knows Best Website  – Manage Your Health

SinseProd – Dr Adesina Iluyemi Profile