IT services ‘failing patients’, claims Committee report

The Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport
Committee has published the report of its
short inquiry into telehealth and clinical
portals. The report argues that safeguarding
of patient privacy, timescales and continuity
for the national rollout of telehealth schemes
and tackling resistance from medical staff in
using technology are major issues which
must be given immediate attention by the
Scottish Government.
The report also criticises what it calls the
slow and inconsistent provision of clinical
portals and telehealth over the decade in
Committee Convener Christine Grahame MSP
said: “If used effectively and efficiently,
technology such as clinical portals and
telehealth could make a huge difference to
the quality of care and treatment patients
receive across Scotland.
“It also has the potential to release muchneeded
resources in these economically
difficult time for front-line patient services.
“However, our Committee report reveals that
the Scottish Government has some serious
work to do in encouraging health boards to
use and evaluate this technology. We hope
the Government will act on our
recommendations regarding patient rights,
professional standards, funding and staff
training by 2014 at the latest.”
The Committee’s recommendations include:
• value for money being placed at the
heart of any NHS telehealth strategy
• patients, midwives, nurses and other
health representatives must be on the Clinical
Portal Programme Board designed to oversee
clinical portal projects in Scotland
• establishing an eHealth professional standards
group including clinicians, medical bodies,
teaching and trainers?

Read the full Health and Sport Committee Report

Report from weekly news at IHM Scotland

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