Burnham to stress need for more NHS care at home

Health Secretary Andy Burnham

Mr Burnham said more treatments must be offered outside hospitals

There must be a “decisive shift” in the NHS to provide more care in people’s homes, the health secretary is to say.

Andy Burnham will stress on Thursday that the health service must be more “confident” in being able to offer services outside hospitals.

This could improve patient experiences as well as save billions, he will add.

The Tories have pledged to put patients in the “driving seat”, with people able to receive treatment for more minor ailments in their local communities.

‘Patient convenience’

The Lib Dems say high-street pharmacists and the voluntary sector should play a role in supporting patients with long-term conditions and those with one-off medical queries or issues.

In a speech, Mr Burnham will call on the NHS to reach out more to patients, arguing that it makes sound clinical and financial sense.

“The time has come for the NHS to make a decisive shift in providing more care out of hospitals and in the patient’s community and home,” he will say.

Integrating health services into the local community could save the NHS £2.7bn a year, he will argue.

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