Clinical Portal Programme Established

A Clinical Portal Programme is being established to provide strategic direction and leadership to the development and delivery of portal capabilities across NHS Scotland. The programme will work closely with key stakeholders and will encourage consortia of Health Boards to take the lead in the delivery of essential components.

A Clinical Portal Programme Board, made up of influential leaders from across NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government, will direct the Programme. The Board will be initially Chaired by Derek Feeley, Director of Healthcare Policy and Strategy at the Scottish Government.

Julie Falconer, has been appointed Programme Manager. Julie is currently Programme Manager for CHI, and will also continue in this role. Cathy Kelly, currently an eHealth Clinical Lead, has been appointed as Senior Clinician on the Board and Gerald McLafferty will be Enterprise Architect. Further details of the Board’s membership will be announced in due course.

A clinical portal is an electronic window that will allow clinicians to see information about a patient in a ‘virtual’ electronic record derived from various databases. Easier access to this information will help to improve care and patients can be reassured that staff have the necessary information to manage their care safely.

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