Betting on Google Glass for surgeons pays off big time for Austin startup

October 29, 2013 4:26 pm by 

Kyle Samani’s is growing at fast pace.Samani presented at DEMO earlier this month andwon a DEMO God award. The company has raised $350,000 so far and is looking for another $100,000. One pilot project of the Glass software for surgeons has started and another will launch soon.

The first pilot was at UC Irvine Mecical Center few weeks ago, testing the Glass software during in-patient and out-patient surgeries in several settings, including the ICU and emergency room. Samani said at the DEMO that the results have been positive.

“Doctors are happy because they are not wasting time running around, nurses are happy because they’re not waiting on their doctors, patients are getting a better, faster, safer experience,” he said.

Samani said that another pilot project will be starting shortly at Banner Health, the largest healthcare provider in the southwestern US with 40 hospitals under management.
Here is an update from the company blog:

We’ve built and are actively testing a HIPAA compliant, first person, audio and video streaming solution called Pristine EyeSight. We’re streaming from Glass to any authorized device on the hospital’s network.

We solve the problem of ‘Can you come over here and look at this?’ This is a profound concept with a diverse set of use cases throughout virtually every avenue of care.

In addition to EyeSight, we’ve also built Pristine CheckLists. They are, as the name suggests, HIPAA compliant checklists on Glass. They’re driving patient safety and operational efficiency. They’re being tested at UC Irvine throughout perioperative settings. In time, we believe we’ll implement checklists throughout the hospital. They’re useful in situations in which the cost of being wrong is high.

We publicly unveiled these apps to the world on stage at the DEMO conference on October 17th.

While I’ve been jumping from GlazedCon to Health 2.0 to the American College of Surgery to the American Society of Anesthesiology and to DEMO, Mark and Patrick have been doing the real work: piloting our software in live patient care environments with the doctors and nurses at UC Irvine Medical Center. We’ve been testing in inpatient surgery, outpatient surgery, the ICU, and the GI lab. We’re still identifying the use cases and opportunities for these technologies throughout the hospital. There are so many to be tackled. Initial responses have been positive from almost everyone at Irvine, even though the product has a long ways to go.

Over the next few months, we’re going to continue refining the product and user experience based on real-world feedback. Although the apps are functional today, there’s an enormous amount of work to be done to deliver a world class user product. The devil is in the details.

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