Scots woman with chronic nerve pain fitted with a neurostimulator implan

  • Wii operation
    Dr Gordon McGinn fitted the new `neurostimulator implant’ at Glasgow’s New Victoria Hospital.
  • Wii consoles Scots patients in pain

    Helen McArdle

    16 Jul 2010
    It is a bestselling games system that millions of people play in their lounges and bedrooms, but now the technology behind Wii consoles has been used for the first time in a Scottish operating theatre.

    A new pain-relief implant that mimics Wii-style technology was trialled in Glasgow yesterday.

    Ailsa MacKenzie-Summers, 42, from East Kilbride, became the first patient to benefit from the new technology when NHS Greater

    Glasgow and Clyde’s Dr Gordon McGinn fitted the neurostimulator implant at Glasgow’s New Victoria Hospital.

    The implant uses state-of-the-art Wii-style motion-sensing technology to provide pain relief automatically whenever a patient moves around. At present most implants require the patient to constantly adjust the amount of pain relief according to their movements.

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