"Homepods" helping lung patients in Bute

‘Homepods’ helping lung patients

By Eleanor Bradford
BBC Scotland health correspondent

Patients with lung problems on the Isle of Bute are using medical “homepods” to avoid being admitted to hospital.

The devices have been fitted in the homes of 15 patients who suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – which causes breathing problems.

They allow clinicians to remotely monitor health and decide when hospital admission is required.

Health officials said the trial had cut air ambulance missions and the number of days patients spent in hospital.

Jim Simons, 72, is one of the patients on the island using a homepod.

We think the outlay we’ve already spent on the pods is worth it to keep people well in their own homes
Lynn Garrett NHS Highland

Since using the device he has managed to avoid emergency hospital admissions.

“Before I had the machine I was up at the hospital two or three times a week,” he said.

“Now if I get a bit uptight I’ll enter the data and I usually get a phone call within an hour.”

Click the link to read more and watch a video about this telehealthcare project

Another video about the homepod

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