MedApps Launch Remote Monitoring Pilot for CHF Patients

MedApps and Meridian Health Launch Remote Monitoring Pilot for CHF Patients

Scottsdale, Arizona – January 14, 2010 – MedApps, Inc., a leading mHealth (mobile / remote health monitoring) company, announced today that it will partner with Meridian Health, a leading comprehensive healthcare provider in New Jersey, to initiate a chronic disease management pilot focused on patients discharged from acute care settings with  Congestive Heart Failure (CHF).  The focus of the program is to monitor the participants on a daily, near real-time basis, to improve patient outcomes and decrease re-admissions to the hospitals within 30 days.

Meridian will deploy MedApps’ products, featuring HealthPAL and HealthCOM, to provide specific biometric data  (i.e. weight) for review by collaborating monitoring nurses and attending physicians. The program’s objectives include:  1) Monitor signs and symptoms immediately after discharge from hospital environments and provide comprehensive, individualized education and follow up support; 2) Promote patient self-management, independence and adherence to prescribed treatments; and  3) Help identify early signs / symptoms of worsening conditions in a post acute environment. A further and equally important goal will be to reduce re-admission rates and ER utilization of patients with CHF.

MedApps is well positioned to support the Meridian out-patient program, as the health industry at large strives to improve out-patient care and monitoring, while reducing associated costs.  The MedApps System has been FDA-cleared to integrate with a variety of medical monitors to remotely transmit, store and report timely, accurate health information virtually anywhere.

You can find out more information on MedApps website

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