Latest HEAT Targets Revealed

NHS Performance Targets

Local Delivery Plans set out a delivery agreement between the Scottish Government Health Department and each NHS Board, based on the key Ministerial targets. Local Delivery Plans reflect the HEAT Core Set – the key objectives, targets and measures that reflect Ministers’ priorities for the Health portfolio. The key objectives are as follows:

* Health Improvement for the people of Scotland – improving life expectancy and healthy life expectancy;
* Efficiency and Governance Improvements – continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the NHS;
* Access to Services – recognising patients’ need for quicker and easier use of NHS services; and
* Treatment Appropriate to Individuals – ensure patients receive high quality services that meet their needs.

Statistics that inform progress against the suite of HEAT targets are reported publicly throughout the year. Performance against all the HEAT targets are brought together in NHSScotland Chief Executive’s Annual Reports.

More information on the HEAT Targets

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