AT&T Selects MedApps for Remote Care Monitoring Solution

Targeted Mobile Wireless Technology to Achieve Maximum Healthcare Outcomes
in Remote Care Monitoring

MedAppsDALLAS, Jan. 5, 2011 Patients suffering from diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and other chronic conditions may soon be able to enjoy the benefits of improved health information transfer. Using wireless technologies, AT&T and MedApps, a recognized leader in the development of wireless mobile remote patient monitoring solutions, announced today the inclusion of MedApps in AT&T’s ForHealth portfolio of mHealth, cloud-based, and telehealth products and solutions.

The ForHealth product ecosystem is intended to streamline healthcare data flow and care delivery and contribute to improved disease management, particularly for those with chronic conditions. Along with other key providers and their products, the inclusion of MedApps’ CloudCare(TM) product line will broaden the mHealth solution suite offered by AT&T, enhancing AT&T’s abilities to offer turnkey solutions for the healthcare industry.

“MedApps’ focus on cloud computing and open platform architecture, allowing connection of multiple clinical devices to a single plug-and-play hub, is highly aligned with AT&T’s vision,” said Randall Porter, assistant vice president, AT&T ForHealth Solutions. “It will help AT&T offer mHealth solutions that are user agnostic and universally accessible, despite carrier, device type and operating-system. AT&T is excited to work with MedApps to provide a comprehensive remote care monitoring solution suite to our healthcare customers.”

AT&T will provide 3G connectivity to the MedApps solution suite, and will also be co-selling MedApps’ remote care monitoring hub and enterprise back-end solutions, bundling MedApps with existing AT&T remote care applications, clinical peripherals and devices.

The MedApps solution suite begins with HealthPAL, a dedicated portable device that uses a combination of embedded cellular and Bluetooth technologies to automatically transmit readings from retail monitors like glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, scales, and pulse oximeters directly to a patient’s electronic medical record (EMR), providing caregivers with ready access to the latest patient data for monitoring and review. For patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, fast access to the most current biometric data can improve patient compliance, help stabilize patients and drive down the cost of crisis care. HealthPAL provides a hands-off telehealth solution that is easy to operate for users of all ages and technological skill levels.

On the caregiver side, MedApps offers the HealthCOM portal, a web-based application that allows healthcare professionals to remotely review and manage the data collected by HealthPAL, and provides integration with other enterprise EMRs. HealthCOM is accessible from any place with Internet connectivity. The entire MedApps infrastructure is tied together by its patent-pending CloudCare(TM) platform.

“In looking at healthcare, and disease management, it is important to remember that different subsets of the population have much different rates of utilization of healthcare resources,” said Kent Dicks, CEO of MedApps. “Each of these groups also has different demographical characteristics that affect its use of technology – and one solution does not fit all. Therefore, multiple solutions are needed to engage different populations in order to achieve the best compliance and adherence rate possible. This is an essential and highly attainable way to reduce healthcare costs immediately.”