Healthcare goes wireless (US example)

Healthcare goes wireless

The segment featured professional care providers and patients at Meridian Health Hospital, in New Jersey, who are using the MedApps System to monitor chronic conditions in a simple and effective way.

Meridian Health R.N., Marian Estabrook said, “Where a nurse going in the home can maybe see 6 or 7 patients in a day, I can see 20 in an hour.”

This brief clip offers powerful affirmation that the ‘early winds of change’ for healthcare reform are undeniably shifting in the direction of remote health monitoring.

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BCS Health Scotland Conference 2010

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22nd and 23rd September 2010

Glasgow Science Centre

Giving you advance notice that our conference this year will be the biggest and brightest yet! We are staging this event at the prestigious Glasgow Science Centre where you not only have great views over the Clyde and City but complementary entrance to the fun science exhibits. The futuristic building mirrors BCS Health Scotland’s innovative and forward looking approach..

We have three themes this year which are quality, innovation, and efficiency.

Keynote speakers include:

Matthew Swindells, former CIO Connecting for Health, and chair BCS Health

Rikard Lovstrom from Sweden to talk about their National Patient Overview project and eHealth strategy

Dorothy Whittick from Canada talking about the Canadian Health Infoway national developments and a Wellness project in Alberta

Brian Robson from Scotland on the Quality theme and his experiences from the USA.

PRESENTATIONS INVITED – Do you have something interesting to present in one of our themes ?

To get in touch please use the contact form

Exhibitions confirmed include:

AtosOrigin Alliance Emis
INPS Intersystems
Microtech Support Orion Health
Voice Technologies and many more in the pipeline

Exhibitors are staging a social networking evening after the first day events so look out for a fun time as well as stimulating and thought provoking discussions.

If you would like to Exhibit please contact Neil Campbell using the contact form

NHS Scotland eHealth Awards!

An exciting new departure will be the ‘NHS Scotland eHealth Awards!’.  These awards are given to winning NHS teams for three categories sponsored by BCS and Scottish Government, look out for an announcement in the next few weeks.

Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit 2009

Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit 2009, a unique two-day event set in London on 1-2 December.

Dedicated to best practice in global wireless and healthcare convergence, this four stream conference has been developed with support from the Continua Health Alliance, GSMA, M:Health Alliance, international healthcare providers including the NHS, Bluetooth SIG, and more, to ensure a real 50:50 representation from across the wireless and healthcare sectors.

In 2009, we are delighted to bring you an exclusive keynote presentation from the Vodafone Group CEO, Vittorio Colao, on convergence trends in ICT and healthcare and in our ‘Everything’s Connected Healthcare’ stream we dig out the very best in medical device innovation and sports/wellness consumer development.

Across both days we assess the business and strategy models for partnerships needed to grow the potential in mobile healthcare and our ‘Mobile Health Investment and Partnering’ Stream reflects how start ups are reaching fruition.

The Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit draws together leading network operators, healthcare providers, (numedical) device manufacturers, investors, systems integrators, body networks developers and sports and wellness brands active in this space. With a focus on interactivity and involvement.

Would like to find out more about the Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit?

Go to the Website

Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit
Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit

Join the LinkedIn group

Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit LinkedIn Group
Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit LinkedIn Group

Download the final programme

Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit final programme

MPOC: Best Practices for Clinical Mobility Deployment

Intel Healthcare recently ran a webinar on the 20th of August about mobile point of care technology.

Mobile point of care technology is key to improving both workflow and patient outcomes. If your organisation is identifying critical components and determining plans find out fromthree industry thought leaders on how other hospitals and healthcare organisations are approaching this task.

There was information on three key practices for deploying mobile point of care technology:

  • How to identify the right form factors or hardware solutions
  • How to choose the right wireless deployment for the needs of all in the facility
  • The Big Picture – from planning to implementation—the critical task of transforming clinical workflow

Download Presentation Slides

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Scottish NHS to be first paperless health service in the world

Hospitals roll out hand-held computers giving doctors and nurses instant access to database By Tom Gordon

SCOTLAND IS set to become the first country in the world with an entirely paperless health service, as wireless hand-held computers allow doctors and nurses to check and update patient records wherever they go.

The machines let staff move from bedside to bedside downloading patient histories, test results, and digital x-rays on the electronic equivalent of a clipboard called a mobile clinical assistant (MCA), or toughbook.

Information is delivered through dedicated hospital wi-fi systems, with access to the most sensitive information restricted to senior medical professionals.

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NHS Scotland, wireless ICT and moving paperless,

Wireless computing and homegrown software turn may turn Scoland’s NHS paperless. When PDA’s didn’t work, Scotland’s NHS turned to Intel designed Medical Computer Assistants or Mobile Clinical Assistants (MCA). These together with Coupled or Computer Access on Wheels (COWs) and a lot of local Scottish software may move the NHS to the first paperless health service.
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