Edinburgh researchers develop DietPhone application to help people improve their eating habit

By Lyndsay Moss

Health Correspondent

WANT to lose weight? There’s an app for that. In all the things your mobile phone can help you with, healthy eating is now among them.

DietPhone application
Not just an apple a day: The app is also available on average mobiles

Scottish researchers have developed the DietPhone application to help make it easier to collect detailed information and monitor food intake.

They believe it will help people control their eating habits, improve their health and free up time for dieticians and doctors to see more patients.

The team behind the app, from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, believes it could also help people with eating disorders such as anorexia, and be useful for weight-conscious sportspeople.

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Healthcare reason to drink red wine

Scientists uncork yet another good reason to drink red wine

AS if stopping blood clots and preventing cancer weren’t enough justification for drinking red wine, scientists have found another health-giving property to the tipple.

Red wine contains a powerful antioxidant, resveratrol. This chemical has already been shown to prevent clots and help stop tumours.

Now scientists have shown that it blocks two key proteins in the body to prevent inflammation, a chief cause of chronic disease.

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