2012 Scottish eHealth Awards – Shortlist Announced

  • Best NHS Scotland use of innovative IT for patient care

This award goes to the NHS Scotland team demonstrating the most innovative product in use within a clinical setting for direct patient care.  The product maybe entirely new or a radical redesign of something existing.  The Judges were looking for something proven to work in a health board clinical setting, though it may be a pilot stage, and demonstrably bringing benefits to patients.


  • Pilot PatientTrack Electronic early warning scores; with Track and Trigger (NHS Fife, Ronnie Monaghan)
  • The Learning Arcade (NHS Fife, Norma Clark)
  • Access for All – Delivery of the Healthy Outlook health forecasting service in Moray (Moray Community Health & Social Care Partnership, Lorna Bernard)


  • Best NHS Scotland IT service delivery team

This award went  to the NHS Scotland team with an excellent record of delivering services that improve clinicians working lives, enhance patient care and increase efficiency in their own NHS Scotland board.  Entrants were judged on evidence of their record, effectiveness of communications to and within their own board clinicians, success in engaging other colleagues across the wider NHS, evidence of fulfilment of service agreements, and lastly examples of service ‘above and beyond the norm’.


  • Migration of all NHSFV Acute & Mental Health Services to new-build acute site (NHS Forth Valley, Ann Crowe)
  • Implementation of ISO27001 (NHS Fife, Donald Wilson)
  • SCI-Diabetes Collaboration (NHS Tayside, Scott Cunningham)


  •  Best NHS Scotland use of Mobile technology in NHS Scotland

This award went to the NHS Scotland team demonstrating best use of mobile technology that helps improve the ways in which clinicians work and the benefits and improvements to patient care. Judges were looking for evidence of benefits they are achieving (eg reduction in errors, savings to the board, improvements to working practices).


  • Patient Safety – Hospital@ Night Safe Hand (NHS Dumfries & Galloway, Graham Gault)
  • EMRS iOS Apps – (Emergency Medical Retrieval Service, Dr Dave McKean)
  • NHS Scotland Digital Television and Mobile Service (NHS 24, Lynne Huckerby)


The awards will be presented at the Health Informatics Scotland Conference 2012 in Glasgow on the 21st of September 2012. You can find out more information at http://hiscotland.info/



Scottish Diabetes Campaign Launched

Diabetes campaign launched


People with diabetes will now be able to monitor their own condition through an innovative online service.

scottish healthcare

A new campaign – run in partnership with Diabetes UK- shows how a new online tool called ‘MyDiabetesMyWay’, will help people with diabetes manage their conditions more effectively through videos, educational tools and games containing information about diabetes.

In a world first, the interactive website also allows people with diabetes to view their up-to-date clinic results, treatments and advice online.

Figures published in the annual Scottish Diabetes Survey today, show that the number of people with diabetes in Scotland continues to increase by around 10,000 each year. There are now over 247,000 people with diabetes in Scotland – 4.7 per cent of the population.

The majority of those people – 217,500, or 88 per cent – have type 2 diabetes which can often be caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices and is also more common in older people.

Public Health Minister Michael Matheson said:

“Diabetes is a growing problem for Scotland – around £300 million of hospital expenditure relates to diabetes treatment and the management of its complications.

“Now, everyone living with diabetes in Scotland has the opportunity to view their own clinical diabetes data online. And by having access to the right information, people can be supported to self manage and radically reduce the risk of developing complications and serious health problems.

“I would strongly encourage people living with diabetes to sign up and see for themselves how this valuable resource can support them to self manage their condition. Not only will this mean they can live longer, healthier lives it will also protect NHS resources.”

Chief Medical Officer Sir Harry Burns said:

“The Scottish Diabetes Survey published today highlights the increasing number of people with diabetes that is directly related to the ageing of the population and unhealthy lifestyle factors such as obesity.

“We also need to maintain focus on preventing diabetes by tackling the underlying risk factors. Stopping smoking, eating better and taking regular exercise is something we can all do to make sure we are as healthy as possible.”

Director of Diabetes UK Jane-Claire Judson said:

“The relentless rise in people diagnosed means that diabetes deserves immediate attention as a major public health concern. Meeting the challenge of diabetes requires the NHS, Government and society overall to take action to improve our nation’s health and together we need to ensure that those already diagnosed have the best support and care available.”

“Even with the pressures of ever increasing numbers, as indicated today in the new Scottish Diabetes Survey, everyone diagnosed with diabetes is entitled to the best diabetes care possible. Diabetes UK Scotland has developed a set of 15 Healthcare essentials that all those living with the condition should receive. Making sure everyone with diabetes has access to these key services and support systems in place is vital for all those diagnosed.”