BCS eHealth Awards 2012

Don’t miss out on your chance to showcase your hard work!


The 2012 eHealth Awards provides the perfect opportunity to show your colleagues and peers what work has been going on in your board. Winners receive prizes, but more importantly recognition among your profession for your achievements.


The Award Ceremony will take place on the first day of the Health Informatics 2012 Conference, 20th September 2012, in the Victoria Room.


The award categories for 2012 are:


Best NHS Scotland use of innovative IT for patient care:

This award will go to the NHS Scotland team demonstrating the most innovative product in use within a clinical setting for direct patient care. The product maybe entirely new or a radical redesign of something existing. The Judges will be looking for something proven to work in a health board clinical setting, though it may be a pilot stage, and demonstrably bringing benefits to patients.


Best NHS Scotland IT service delivery team:

This award will go to the NHS Scotland team with an excellent record of delivering services that improve clinicians working lives, enhance patient care and increase efficiency in their own NHS Scotland board. Entrants will be judged on evidence of their record, effectiveness of communications to and within their own board clinicians, success in engaging other colleagues across the wider NHS, evidence of fulfilment of service agreements, and lastly examples of service above and beyond the norm.


Best NHS Scotland use of Mobile technology in NHS Scotland:

This award will go to the NHS Scotland team demonstrating best use of mobile technology that helps improve the ways in which clinicians work and the benefits and improvements to patient care. Judges will be looking for evidence of benefits they are achieving (eg reduction in errors, savings to the board, improvements to working practices).


Check the website for all details and nomination forms at:


to see presentations and videos of last years winners go here:



The NHS Scotland eHealth Awards are sponsored by BCS Health Scotland as a service for eHealth professionals in Scotland. Go to www.hiscotland.info to find out more info about the 2012 Conference and the Awards.



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