Irish Clinic digitises and archives paper records

Galway Clinic digitises and archives paper records in drive to electronic healthcare record

The Galway Clinic, a 126-bed hospital in the West of Ireland, is implementing a data archiving and management solution from BridgeHead Software to support its drive to create a completely electronic healthcare record.

The state-of-the-art medical facility, which provides acute and secondary care services, plans to use BridgeHead’s BH FileStore archiving software for the long-term storage and retrieval of scanned patient documents. The documents are being digitised using dedicated software from healthcare information systems provider, MEDITECH.

“Our data is growing exponentially as we strive to achieve a totally paperless environment,” said Richard Murdock, network administrator at The Galway Clinic. “And now our data will grow even faster with our current plans to digitise all paper documents relating to patients. So it’s crucial to put in place a cost-effective, long-term data storage and access strategy and BH FileStore’s archiving and retrieval facilities will play an essential role in this.”

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